Body Intolerance Test

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Hair sample

Hair sample

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1,200 key items including 5 BRAND NEW categories

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Results in 3 working days from sample receipt at lab

After a decade of market-leading experience and the analysis of hundreds of thousands of samples, we’re proud to present our new 1,200 item body intolerance test

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5 BRAND NEW categories to improve your health

Anti aging icon


We test hyaluronic acid and collagen to identify signs of aging in skin, bones, and joints.

stress icon

Stress & inflammation

We test for stress and inflammation by examining cortisol levels, which indicate stress, and inflammatory biomarkers within the body.

sleep hormones icon

Sleep hormones

To evaluate sleep quality, we analyse the melatonin hormone, responsible for the quality of sleep.

Skin health icon

Skin health

Skin sensitivity testing evaluates how your skin reacts to fragrances, household chemicals, and cosmetics, assessing your skin’s tolerance levels.

Nutrition icon


We measure nutritional levels by assessing the hormones leptin, known as the ‘full’ hormone, and ghrelin, which is responsible for regulating hunger.

Reach your goals.

free yourself icon

Free yourself

Get rid of potential triggers for symptoms like headaches, gas, diarrhea, and bloating by steering clear of foods that might upset your body.
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Boost your overall health

By ensuring you have the right amount of essential nutrients, you help enhance your immune system, maintain a healthy gut, and support the growth of your hair, skin, and nails.
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Feed your body with intent

Knowing your body’s preferences helps you maximise enjoyment by focusing on what you love and what your body will truly appreciate.
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Helping you to live your best life

Understanding your body’s intolerances is like having a personalised roadmap to better health. When you’re aware of how your body reacts to different foods, environmental factors, and stressors, you can make informed choices that cater to your unique needs

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Created by a team of medical professionals

Explore our free ebook, “Add 10 Years to Your Life,” authored by our esteemed medical advisory board. It’s a compilation of professional and medical advice to help you make impactful changes for your overall health and well-being.

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What you’ll receive after testing


Detailed report with your intolerance ratings

Upon completion of the sample testing, you are provided with a comprehensive intolerance report, offering detailed insights and analysis of your individual intolerances.

elimination guide

Free elimination diet guide

Unlock the path to optimal well-being with our complimentary guide, designed to help you navigate the world of elimination diets effortlessly.

reintroduction diary

Free food reintroduction diary

Accelerate your re-introduction phase with our free and convenient diary template, designed to help you document and analyse your food experiences with ease.

Body Intolerance Test results

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Results in 4 simple steps


Step 1

Activate your test online using your unique redemption code.


Step 2

Take your hair sample (5-10 strands)


Step 3

Post your sample and mailing slip to our laboratory.


Step 4

Receive your results in 3-5 days from receipt of sample

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