Many of us are up at the crack of dawn ready for the commute to work. Whether the kids have got us up before the alarm or we just continue the habitual routine of stomping downstairs like something out of ‘The Walking Dead’; either way, like the characters from the box office hit, we are usually in search for something to eat.

Depending on your lifestyle, routines, household madness and family commitments having breakfast before we slam the front door behind us can be easily avoided. This often leaves us calling into the ‘golden arches’ on the way to work or grabbing some sort of fast food in or around your workplace. This life-long habit may seem seamless, and it may even “work” for you, however, your waistline and general health and wellbeing are certainly looking for some career progression.


Food for Thought

I do understanding that for some, it’s truly not physiologically easy to stomach food before, during or slightly after the sun rises. If you’re not hungry at the crack of dawn, there’s no need to force yourself to eat, especially if you have family chores to complete before hand. However, ingesting some sustenance before you head out the door can offset fatigue until later in the day, something which your body and bosses will be pleased with.

Alternately, you might be completely famished when you wake up and find that you just don’t have the time or energy to actually put something together like they do on these speedy kitchen based TV shows.  But that’s fine too, there are a lot of speedy breakfasts out there that you can either make ahead or throw together in a pinch.



Although, first things first. Water when you wake up is imperative to starting the day right, especially before something as taxing as work, excuse the pun. Our body is made up of over 60% water which very regularly needs topping up and replacing. Your whole bodily function requires the nutrients and lubrication of water to perform. If these requirements are not met, then your body will soon start to tell you about them with short term and long term health consequences.

Drinking water first thing in the morning helps release toxins in the body, eliminating these toxins from the blood means keeps your skin glowing, healthy and radiant. It also helps to keep your body hydrated as the day begins; kick start your fat burning metabolism, promote your blood flow to your skin and liberate any nasty toxins from your organs by drinking water. Whether you like it or not, your body is craving water when you wake up in the morning, it’s been without this lifeline all through the night and into the next day while we are asleep. When you wake, before you take on the days responsibilities drink 500ml of room temperature water, you will literally feel your body absorbing it for all its worth.


Morning Munchies

The morning commute is a hectic time, whether you’re lone driving or car sharing, or packed on the bus or train like a tin of sardines we have the perfect plates to boost your health and wellbeing before 9am!

We are not saying here to wake up earlier than normal to prepare a sustainable breakfast, in fact, sleep, sleep and get more sleep up until the last minute; this is what your body requires to feel in tip top shape. We do advise the following bites to eat to fit into your normal daily routine, for both you and your family. Opt for smaller portion sizes than usual, since time is not on your side you don’t have the usual time to digest these on point foods before heading out the door for a dash to the train station. Therefore, decrease the quantity of food you’re eating, so for example cut up a banana and put it into the Greek yoghurt pot itself as you tear the lid back. Don’t go separating the yoghurt from the pot into a bowl, scrapping out the last bits, and then carefully chopping the banana into manageable chunks before adding peanut butter and syrup and so on. Just get to the point, quality over quantity, and your partner will also appreciate the less mess in the kitchen on their return home.


Prep like a Boss

Prepping like a boss is all the rage at the moment, if you don’t own hundreds of Tupperware then this could be your downfall. I say hundreds, at least one for each day, but this Tupperware filled with overnight goodness will stand you in good stead for the morning rush.

The night before, cover porridge oats with yoghurt and place them in the fridge, pour yoghurt over a Tupperware full of frozen fruit and berries, or boil some eggs and slice them up ready to go. Prep them before you go to bed, keep them in the fridge, and grab them just before you get going. Simple, yet effective.

Pre-commute breakfasts are as easy to eat as they are to make, chocolate milk is often thought of as a great morning snack, but it’s also a great pre-workout breakfast because it has a nice balance of protein and carbs which are the two essential energy-boosting nutrients. This quick glug is easy on the stomach and you have the rest of the day to build on this goodness. Yes, we did just say chocolate milk, the better the quality, less the sugar.

Try loading up your Tupperware with things like half a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter, a bagel with a teaspoon of cream cheese, oatmeal and low fat milk, mixed dried fruit and nuts, or any leftovers from the dinner the night before, such as chicken, turkey or beef on a flatbread.  These options are all loaded with a combination of carbs, protein and healthy fats, which means you start your day well fuelled and ensures you’re not heading for an energy crash mid-morning. When work is ready and waiting for you, you will be up for the challenge, and some!

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