Published Aug 15, 2020

At the moment, we’re all currently doing all we can to help “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus by self-isolating if we have symptoms of the virus, or socially distancing. This means, that aside from those on the front line, most of us are only seeing the people we live with, the occasional delivery driver at the end of our driveways and the people working selflessly in our local supermarkets.

Whilst we can all congratulate ourselves for doing our bit, it’s also perfectly normal to feel isolated (especially if we live alone) and overwhelmed by the enormity of not knowing when we can hug our loved ones again. Humans are after all a tactile, social breed that thrives on connections with other human beings.

It’s hugely important not to become bold or complacent and take risks to socialise, so how can we still feel socially connected whilst also socially distancing? Here’s some things you can try to help you feel more in touch, even if not physically.


Get ‘appy

Never before have we had so much tech at our fingertips, and video calling is the number one way we can all stay connected with our loved ones. Many new apps on the scene are having their day, including the Houseparty app that allows friends and family members from all over the world to join in a virtual ‘party’.

Zoom, previously the mainstay of work related video calls, is now being used in homes up and down the country to connect people for non-business calls. Plus of course, WhatsApp video calling and good old fashioned Skype are also simple to use, free and reliable.

This could mean a few virtual drinks with friends on a Friday evening, all safely dialling in from home, or a touching video call between grandparents and grandchildren missing the fun times they would normally share.

Many of us are now having lockdown birthdays, so what better way to celebrate in these unprecedented times, than a happy birthday singalong over a video call? You could all buy or bake (if you’re that way inclined) the same birthday cake too, and all enjoy a slice at the same time to feel part of the same experience.

You could also go one better, and all cook the same meal and eat ‘together’ at a virtual table and reminisce on better times. With a few tweaks to the rules, you could also play your families favourite boardgame at the same time.


Making the most of online shopping

As it stands, a lot of shops are still trading online, so you could order small but meaningful gifts for loved ones that will make them think of you when they receive them. Giving is just as fun as receiving, and knowing that someone special is thinking of you can make you feel connected, albeit in a different way.

If you’re within walking distance of a loved one or close friend, you could use your outdoor exercise time to walk past theirs, give them a call to tell them to look out of the window and wave from afar.

It might feel torturous not being able to get physically close enough for a hug, but for now, this is the closest we can all get to the real thing. Hang on in there. We really are all in this together.



Written by Hannah De Gruchy

Health, Wellness & Environmental Writer | Human Biology BSc (Hons)

I have an extensive knowledge of diet, health and wellbeing topics and consistently produce high quality, fully researched content for blogs, features and articles.

I’ve always loved to write, and after spending the first ten years of my career laboratory based, embarked on a career change in 2009 by joining an innovative and first to market online doctor. I was responsible for managing all online and printed content including articles, product descriptions and marketing materials, and now have extensive knowledge of what it takes to write engaging, imaginative pieces.

In 2013 I had a major role in setting up and have had overall responsibility for all content (including the blog and product descriptions), social media and printed materials. Emmbie is an online health, diet, fitness and lifestyle company selling natural, organic, vegan health food supplements.

I also have experience in proofreading and editing content written by doctors, making sure it reads well as a non-doctor and am fully versed in being consistent with editorial guidelines.

I’m motivated and well organised for freelance working, my desk shares a space with a running machine, which often comes in handy when I’m told by my watch I’ve been sitting down too long or need some inspiration away from the screen!

I try to live a simple life, always conscious of my impact on the environment and have recently taken a keen interest in Buddhism. I choose natural beauty and household products and eat local, organic produce when I can. Staying true to both my way of life and my scientific background, I have a passion for writing on these subjects that is evident in my work.

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